Planning a Christmas Party

The thought of attending a Christmas party sounds like a great idea until you are the one planning the party itself. Many things go into planning one, and this can overwhelm you if you are not keen. And talking of Christmas parties, they need to be appealing enough to drag your guests out in the cold to come to your party.

Still wondering how you are going to impress the guests that are coming to your party? Don’t worry. You can start with the following:

Pick the right time and date

Timing is just as important as the party itself. There are a lot of activities and parties around Christmas. You wouldn’t want your party clashing with any of the many events that take place. Time of day also matters. Some people prefer having daytime Christmas parties, while others prefer night events.

Before you pick the date and time, talk to your guests. Find out what date and time suit them before sending out invites. You don’t have to ask everyone. Just get the views of the guests you wouldn’t want to miss your party.

Choose a venue

If you are planning a party outside your home or company, choose a place in advance and sort the dates as soon as you can. Most sites get booked in advance right before Christmas. So, you need to plan early enough. It helps if you have a couple of venues as a backup in case things don’t pan out the way you want.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing venues is booking a location without first visiting them. Check out all the details and amenities before committing to your chosen location. Also, make sure you get formal confirmation of your booking before the D-day.

Food & Drink

The heart of any party is the food and drinks. Do you have a theme for your party? If so, choose food and beverages based on your party theme. Your location can also determine the kind of food you will serve. If the venue allows outside catering, go or this option as it is much cheaper and allows you a flexible menu for your guests.

Drinks play a crucial role in livening up the place. You can have a couple of opening beverages such as sparkling wine, mulled wine, or Christmas cocktails. Don’t underestimate your guest’s ability to run you down with drinks. Try to limit their choices if you want to keep the costs down.


No matter how great your conversations are, at some point, guests run out of things to talk about during the party. That’s why it is great to have some form of entertainment. It could be as simple as a few board games or some comedians, live bands and even fireworks if you are out to impress.

Since entertainment is going to be a key component of your Christmas party, ensure that you choose the right entertainment. Find out what your guests like beforehand. If people are still new, try to break the ice with some games that’ll force people to work together.

Save effort, hire a party organiser

Feeling a little overwhelmed with all the details and planning? Hire a party organiser. Don’t stress yourself over the holidays when someone else can take away the hassle and still pull off a successful party. They probably know a couple of tricks to keep the costs down, and yet throw a memorable Christmas party.

Just because you have a party organiser, it doesn’t mean you have to relax and leave everything to them. To have a party that’s as close to what you have in mind, get involved in the critical areas of planning.

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